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Rules of Play – Christmas Edition

Welcome to EM Escape Rooms.

This game has been designed to be played remotely, by teams of 1-4 players, with an expected duration of <60 minutes. Only one attempt per player is permitted.

Medical knowledge is not required.

The game is timed from when the game is entered, until the final answer is submitted. There will then be an option to submit your time to the leader board.

Please do not share the content of the game or post photos of the puzzles on social media.

How to access the Escape Room

Go to

Register to play

You will need to use your email address (work or home) and the access code Xmas20

Once registered, and signed in, you will be able to enter the room. Choose “Christmas Escape Room” from the rooms menu and then start by selecting “start this course” – remember your time starts when you enter the room or click on any clues or puzzles – so no sneak peaks!

Hints on how to play

Using zoom, or any other online platform, one team member should log in, and then share their screen with the other team members playing virtually.

This game is better played on a computer than a tablet

It is advisable to read all the puzzles before you start. Press “complete” to access the next puzzle or clue, even if you haven’t completed that puzzle – you will be able to come back to it. You may need to complete some out of order, so move on if you get stuck.

You need to find 5 sets of words and 1 set of numbers before completing the final puzzle.

Several of the puzzles are linked and one may be needed to help you solve another puzzle.

You can use household items, encyclopaedias or the web to help you!

Good Luck, and may the best team win.

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